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About Kambo medicine

Kambo is the name given to the secretion of the frog Phyllomedusa bicolor, which is found in rainforest trees of South America. It is one of the largest living frogs and is called Kambo or Sapo by indigenous tribe.

It has been used by local tribes since ancient times. Kambo has traditionally been used mainly as medicine for the treatment of so-called Panema conditions, which translates as "the disease of the unsuccessful hunter". If a hunter has been long unsuccessful, negative emotions and energy, loss of energy and self-confidence begin to build up and apathy, laziness and a general dislike of life appears. Today, we might call it burnout.
My encounter with Kambo
I first came across Kambo medicine, 6 years ago in Guatemala. I met a very passionate and experienced facilitator, who made me fall in love with this magic frog.

I would say Kambo was one of my first encounters with the plant and animal medicine world. Since then I have done a few plant medicine retreats, different ceremonies and a 1 month plant dieta in Peru. I will not go into details here, but I am always happy to share my experience and answer any related questions.

When it comes to Kambo, I have never experienced anything such. I would define Kambo as a tough love. The day of the ceremony was not easy, yet the next day I felt like a new person. My physical ability increased 70%, I had a lot of energy, a clear mind, felt light and did not get sick for the following 7 months.

When I came back to Guatemala one year later, I found a different healer and she told me if I want to go deeper, I need 3 sessions, within a week. And so I did, this time I went into a deep purge, emotional and mental as well physical and felt the incredible effects after. Since then I would always make sure I do Kambo on a regular basis and it was literally, how I met my partner, who is an amazing Kambo facilitator. He lived for 4 years in the Peruvian jungle and learned from his mentor from the Matsés tribe. That was when I decided that it is time for me to go myself to Peru and work with his teacher, learn how to work with this medicine, and serve other people as a facilitator. I was dieting Kambo for 10 days and since then, I use this medicine for my own healing whenever I need and for others in need.

Kambo has become my greatest love, support and friend. I have served many people, including children with Hepatitis B and saw miracles. Because I went to harvest this medicine by myself and saw what it takes, I want to always make sure that my medicine comes from an ethical source, protecting the frog.

I am so incredibly grateful and have a lot of respect for this spirit. I am here to serve other people and support them on their healing journeys.
— What are the short-term effects?
Short-term effects include - good mood, a state of alertness, increased resistance to fatigue, hunger and thirst, as well as strengthening the immune system and overall improvement in health. It works on a physical and spiritual level.
What are the long-term effects?
On a long-term, the frog will show us what our bad habits are, what to avoid and what to do to restore our balance, i.e. how we should improve our life on a physical and spiritual level. Kambo will help us in transformation - that is, the necessary changes that will come spontaneously over time.
— What else do I need to know?
While Kambo is legal medicine, it cannot replace medical care or be taken as a substitute for medical care. It very intensely releases accumulated toxins and physical/emotional blocks and breaks down negative patterns of the mind or certain addictions. The body is given room for self-healing, even more so if we support it with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

Nowadays we mostly use Kambo medicine to strengthen the immune system, energize the body, detox the body, and to get a positive state of mind. Kambo contains a large amount of peptides, which plays a role in returning the body to harmony and balance.
Benefits associated with compounds and peptides found in Kambo:
Scientific studies of Kambo have isolated a number of biochemical compounds, primarily peptides, that have been found to have various effects in the human body that have potential for use in medical and pharmacological interventions.

Some of the potential effects of these compounds include:

  • Improved mood and reduced anxiety - possibly from interactions that lead to a reduction of the major stress hormone, cortisol, in the bloodstream.

  • Pain relief - some elements have anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce inflammation associated with certain types of pain, as well as other compounds that have some opioid-like effects and that can also cross the blood-brain barrier, causing pain-blocking effects within the brain itself.

  • Anticancer properties - an indirect consequence of the action of some compounds results in a reduction in blood vessel growth, a property used in a number of treatments that can help limit tumor growth in cancers with targeted delivery.

  • Addiction treatment - helps reset certain chemical pathways in the brain that are polluted by addiction. Some of the peptides bind to opioid receptors, which means they bind to receptors in the brain that opioids normally bind to. This could help people with opioid addiction by helping to normalize the brain's hormonal responses without the need to ingest opioids.

  • Reduced blood pressure - Many of the peptides have vasodilating effects, meaning they dilate blood vessels. This allows more room for blood to flow and thus contributes to lower blood pressure. This is actually what causes the dizziness and lightheadedness you may feel when taking Kambo.

  • Heart protective properties - Additionally, this widening of blood vessels can increase blood flow to the heart. Along with some other smooth muscle effects, this has the potential to aid heart health.

  • Antimicrobial properties - many compounds have effects in fighting fungal and bacterial infections. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the frog from which Kambo is harvested secretes this substance in the first place - to help protect its skin from fungal and bacterial infections, which are a threat to amphibians in particular.
Kambo is applied on an empty stomach, where we drink only water. It is necessary to drink 1.5 to 2 litres of water, during which time tiny holes are burnt into the skin with a thin stick, where the burning is almost painless. Small beads of frog secretion gel are then applied to the holes. Within a short time, sensations of heat or alternating with cold, palpitations, and even temporary swelling of the face may occur.

This is followed by frequent vomiting in which the feelings of nausea disappear and feelings of relaxation, calm, joy, emptiness and sometimes euphoria set in.

With further repetition, the unpleasant sensations diminish. After about 20 to 40 minutes, Kambo is removed and one can rest. On the day Kambo medicine is applied, it is good to just rest. On the second day you may still feel a slight weakness and on the third day there is a surge of new energy and strength.

To receive more information and to book a session with me, please contact me via my contact form.

To receive more information and to book a session with me, please contact me via my contact form: